A new simulation game for GREE!
Lord of Souls, the 2nd game in the Soul Emission dark fantasy series, continues from the 3D action game ScareSoul.

You are the ruler of a town. As you guide your subjects to prosperity, the humble masses’ eyes will shine with joy!

However, you have another side that you do not allow anyone else to see.
You are also a powerful magician. A magician who manipulates souls at a whim.
Grasping at the origins of life itself, you are a true ruler.

The ethics of this do not concern you.
Control the flow of souls, money, goods, and every part of your town.

– Recovering the City
The land was devastated by a great flash of light, the result of some internal conflict.
The flash caused souls to break free and run wild, and was called the Devouring Light.
In this unforeseen calamity, both sides, evenly matched, declared it divine judgment.
In a ruined world, the player must take the first steps towards recovery.

– Build houses and buildings to gather people and grow your city!
– Harvest Stone, Iron, and Souls to gather resources and aid development!
– From crops to crafts, farm implements to steam engines, produce goods and improve your city!
– Beautify your city with trees, paving stones, and flowers!

-The Magicians’ War
Knowledge. Technology. The lives of many people.
All these things were lost in the aftermath of the Devouring Light.
But those magicians who survived battle fiercely for dominance in the next era.
Various organizations have set their sights on the player’s city.

– Use beautifully illustrated Ruler’s Cards to display and increase your power.
– Bind lesser magic users to your will with blood contracts.
– The Ruler’s Cards and Servants you use change your powers and the orders you give drastically!
– Conduct ceremonies to conjure Creatures, and deploy them into battle to defend your territory under the leadership of your Servant!
– Collect Catalytic Items to research and collect more powerful Creatures! Even weak creatures can grow to higher levels of power!

-Combined Forces
Ally with other rulers and fight off invaders more effectively.
There are many benefits to cooperation, including special bonuses.

– Visit your Friends’ kingdoms to gain Funds and Resources.
– Hire your Friends’ Servants as mercenaries to aid you in battle!
– Exchange presents and receive varied items unavailable in Solo Play!

User Information
– A GREE account is necessary to play “Lord of Souls.”
– You can download our application for free from within GREE.
– “Lord of Souls” communicates with our servers. Connection times may vary.

In-Game Coins
– In-app purchases rely on in-game coins which are exclusive to each application. These are available within each app.
– In-game coins can only be used in the iOS app in which they are purchased. (i.e. Shards of Granmare are only usable within the “Lord of Souls” iOS application.
– In-game coins for each app may be used within that app only. Coins from other apps may not be used.

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