Lord of Elements – FORTUNE

Lady Luck visited the Lord of Elements world, and now everyone can download a special version of the application for absolutely free. Faultlessly find out all 4 stars from 6 sells in a special lottery, and you will get full access to the game.

Do not miss your chance to enjoy the colorful Lord of Elements world and, of course, take this opportunity to get the app for free.

Feel the burning flames, curb gusty air currents, try to manage healing power of life and death destruction! Become a true Lord of Elements!

Maybe it is you who will be honored with a Genuine Master title. Start this amazing journey, here you will learn the powerful elements of our world: flowing water and devastating fire, unpredictable air and unrelenting land, healing life and corrupting death.

Each element has its own unique abilities. After attaining to the perfection in all of them, you can begin the latest, most challenging battle of this dynamic and colorful match 3 game.


◇ Three modes: Adventure, Blitz, and Free Roam.
◇ Six elements with unique abilities and spells
◇ 30 captivating Adventure levels, and the final most challenging puzzle
◇ Incredible sound effects
◇ Stunning visuals

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