(rated 5/5) “You are constantly wanted to beat your previous score and progress higher in the game and stack more animal blocks” – Recoreviews

Over 600,000 downloads of Loonimals!

Thank you all for your support and feedbacks!
Loonimals now have 4 new amazing power ups and a new mini game!

Meet the Loonimals!

Little critters with the ambition to reach to the stars!
They don’t have a rocket, and can only reach their goal with your help!
Stacking them one Loonimal on top of another.
But Beware! Evil bats and flyby asteroids just want to bring them down.

Take out their enemies, protect your loonimals, and help them climb to stratospheric heights of joy!



√ GameCenter Leaderboards !

√ Funny cartoonish music and SFX

√ Beautiful Retina-ready cartoon graphics

√ 4 New Mind-Blowing Power Ups !

√ LooniSlot Machine , where you can win free power ups and coins .

√ You get 10 FREE coins every day you enter the game!

√ Adorable animals characters – AKA: Loonimals

√ Extremely high level – reach outer space !

√ Evil bats and asteroids that tries to bring you
down – nothing you cant handle !

√ Easy to learn, hard to master and very difficult to
let go !

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