Loo War.

★★★Loo War★★★

★★★ mainland China published within Four days
★★ games applications free top 12
★★ application of free top 23.
★★ dozens of games Forum boutique application recommended.
★★ dozen media forum reported.
★★ Breakthrough million downloads in the near future


A fly in the toilet.Hum!Hum!Sorry,not one fly but a swarm of flies around you.Hum!!!Hum!!!
I want the toilet.You all go to hell!!!!
A swarm of flies rushed into the toilet.Hum!Hum!Hate is dead….Let us play the game.Pull out a weapon and kill flies.
★★★But be careful these beautiful butterfly…..Ladies and gentlemen…Do not forget—Flush the toilet !!!

The game is a 3D shooting game in a toilet.New concept and unique perspective of the game can give you the new gaming experience.
Let us join the war of killing the flies.Challenge own.Challenge limits.
★★★Game Features:
1 Screen brilliant.Limited challenge.
2 First-person perspective.Real feeling of 3D space.
3 The fly is cute.The opetate is fun and easy.The game is free to swing.

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