Lonk's Awakening

from Virtually Competent, LLC, originally released 25th April, 2015

Prince Zeldo's been kidnapped...again. Looks like a job for Lonk, the legendary Heroine of Thyme! Grab your sword and...oh, you forgot it at home? Uh, that's fine. Probably.

-Flap your way through the evil Lord Ganondoof's castle! Save the prince!
-Collect ruples because why not? Fee...

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The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening DX Adds Items to Flappy Bird Formula

Another day, another Flappy Bird clone. However, The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening DX has something a little different on tap. There’s the parody element, of course, but players also get to select a potentially life-saving item with every few gates they clear. According to Touch Arcade, it’s a strangely compelling experience.

The fairy in a bottle allows you to survive hitting one gate, the Windwaker wand flips gravity, and the Ocarina gives you a button on the side of the screen you can hit to play it. There’s a bunch of other items, and I’m at a loss as to what most of them even do.

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