Long Snake

Chinese New Year is coming! The classic snake game has been transformed into a dragon dance to celebrate the Dragon Year! The dragon is very hungry and would eat all the delicacies served in the New Year Festival, but please beware of the fireworks!

The control is very easy, simply swipe on the screen to change the direction of the dragon.

If you like the game, please rate it. Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

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貪食蛇變身為貪吃龍, 只要看到吉祥物就忍不住一口吃下去, 遊戲中除了要注意越來越長得身體外, 也要小心別碰到小朋友丟進來的爆竹喔, 你可以協助貪吃龍吃飽嗎?

全新的操作方式讓你擺脫傳統的虛擬鍵盤, 只要用swipe手勢即可輕易的控制貪吃龍行進的方向

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