Long Drive Golf 3D

Are you the longest golfer?

Long Drive Golf 3D is a FREE 3D golf game where you can hit golf balls on the iPhone and iPad! Play virtual long drive golf with your own custom designed golfer on 11 different 3D designed long drive golf ranges, smash golf balls and feel the rush just like the fastest golfer in the world Ryan Winther! Choose from 3 different modes to play long drive. Play Career mode with over 40 challenges to unlock new equipment, boosts, ranges, levels and more! Play Quick Play and Hit 6 golf balls in a set and compete against other virtual long drivers to win the round. Longest Drive wins! And in Practice Mode hit as many golf balls as you want and work on your swing!

“Long Drive Golf 3D is my favorite game! There’s nothing like playing long drive on your iPhone and iPad. Very cool looking 3D graphics and the similarity to the real sport (Long Drive Golf) are great with the 6 ball sets and driving range set ups” Ryan Winther 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

“Long Drive Golf 3D is sweet! The 3D graphics are stunning and really make playing golf on your phone come alive! It’s also really cool how I can design my own golfer and not play with a pre-designed character” Dan Schwabe 2009 PGA Northern California Golf Teacher of the Year

“Long Drive Golf 3D is a jaw-dropping immersive golf game with top-notch 3D visuals” ios.appsgoer.com

Awesome features

– Play Long Drive Golf on your iPhone or iPad
– 3D view of your drive
– 11 real life themed 3D driving ranges including San Francisco, New York, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Winther Park, Practice Range, Blakely’s Battleship, Shook’s Island, The Rockies, Grand Canyon and World Championship Range
– Create your own golfer in the Avatar creation module and update him as you please with new equipment and boosts. Press “SHOP” then “Equipment”
– 3 Different Playing Modes available:
– Career Mode: Advance through over 40 levels of long drive golf. Beat the target long drive of each level and progress through each long drive driving range. Each time you pass a level you earn free credits for your character and they automatically go into your profile!
– Quick Play: Hit 6 golf balls in a set and compete against other virtual long drivers to win the round. Longest Drive wins!
– Practice Mode: Hit as many golf balls as you want on the Practice Range to get the feel of the game and your own golfer. Have fun!
– LEARN (SPECIAL SECTION!!!) Actual Long Drive Golf video lessons from Ryan Winther, the 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion and current World Record holder for the fastest golfer swing. Updated for free monthly!! If you are a golfer you wont want to miss the amazing, one time opportunity to learn from one of the worlds most unique talents. Click Learn to access your free videos!!
– 19th Hole is a blog from Long Drive Golf 3D that you can access to read weekly posts from us regarding special offers from our sponsors on new and special golf equipment, special tips and long drive thoughts from Ryan Winther and much, much more!
– Access your own player profile to keep track of your stats including accuracy, swing speed, consistency, longest drives, levels won in career mode and Player name.

The second update of Long Drive Golf 3D is already in the works! If you have any ideas, questions or comments about the game please contact us! Have fun crushing drives!

The Long Drive Golf 3D Team

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