Lola's Alphabet Train HD Lite

All aboard the learning train for a fun time! Specifically designed for 3-7 year olds, Lola’s Alphabet Train is a guaranteed way to keep your children coming back for more fun as they master their reading skills!

Play games like “dragging and dropping” individual letters, “form a word”, and even a matching memory game to become more associated with the alphabet. As your children’s skills improve, the games gets more challenging, but still manage to be fun and engaging!


”An educational experience that also delivers on the Fun factor –”
”It’s a great app to help on reading – Apps4Kids”
”This is a cure and engaging pre-k game – GiggleApps
”I appraciate the different levels of difficulty – The iPhonemom”


What’s in the Full Version of Lola’s Alphabet Train?
• Three difficulty levels
• Five exciting alphabet games with Lola Panda
• Over 100 different words
• Alphabets available in ten different languages

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