LoL Jungle Stopwatch

Requires: iOS 3.2 and up.

Dragon has been up since 10 minutes ago why haven’t we killed it?

Someone stole my blue buff! I didn’t even know it had already spawned!

Want to get that extra edge in the jungle? Or even get the edge of dragon control? Counter-jungle like a pro?

Now it’s easy, all it takes is the LoL Jungle Stopwatch. This timer includes everything you need, it has an alarm system which is set to what you want. Want to know 10 seconds before a camp spawns? 20 seconds? even 30 seconds? In this app we give you the choice of alarm timers. The alarms specify WHEN and WHAT camp is spawning.

We have included ALL JUNGLE CAMPS for the timer. Yeah I agree that blue, red, dragon and Baron are the most important. BUT, we have included wolves, wraiths, and double golems for one reason, the Counter-Jungle. Our app lets you keep track of not only your jungle but the enemy team as well. Once you steal the enemy double golems or wraiths its easy to keep track of when they will be back up, so you can be there either to gank the enemy jungler or just steal the camp again.

With the release of Version 2.0 we have included the Inhibitor and the Ward Timers. Also you have the ability to change the spawn times.

With the release of Version 3.0 we have created Team Connect.

-Team Connect allows a team of 2-5 players to connect in real time through the internet.

-Team Connect will synchronize your team and alert everyone of the Creep, Ward and Inhibitor respawn times.

We have also included the red blinking square on each camp. Whenever you set your alarm time and it goes off you’ll get a red blink so out of the corner of your eye you can see what creep is about to spawn.

LoL Jungle Stopwatch also includes the START game button. Activate this button right as the game starts and you will be alarmed right as dragon and baron spawns. Think you can take baron at 15 minutes? Well with the START button you won’t lose track of time.

Questions? Comments? Want to play some LoL with the girl who did the voices for the alarms? Add NewbNubNoob to your friends list!

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