LogiX Lite

LogiX is a totally addictive game.
Easy to learn and after a few minutes you will be addicted to this great game.

It is hard to put into any category. To resolve either action or arcade elements you will need some tactical and logical thinking.

LogiX contains a lot of game levels (only 5 in lite version) with increasing difficulty. Moreover the higher levels contain new game elements, which enhance level complexity.

The goal of the game is to explode all the landing bases on the screen by filling their 4 acceptor holes with color overlanders.

You can submit your high score to WoodSnail Studio’s High Score Database to compete against players from all over the world (only in full version).

– 5 game levels with increasing difficulty (50 levels in full version)
– Unlimited number of profiles on the same device (only in full version)
– Online high score database with per level scores (only in full version)
– Listen to your own music or built in background music

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