Logix Domino HD

A fun brain game! Play it casually on easy level or challenge your brain on the harder levels.

Try out the 5 sample games for each of the different board size/difficulty level combinations (45 in all!)

In each game a complete set of domino tiles are randomly placed on the play grid. Since each tile pair only occurs once in the grid (1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5 … etc) after a certain tile has been placed other locations with that number pair can no longer contain a tile.

Slide your finger over a pair of numbers to add a new domino tile to the board or tap a tile in the tile tableau to highlight all possible placement locations.

Once all of the domino tiles are placed with no duplicates you win!

After playing the sample games you can upgrade with an in-app purchase to unlimited randomly generated games so you will never run out of new games to play!

The tile tableau shows all of the possible tiles at the bottom of the screen. When placing tiles in the play grid, the tiles are animated to move from the tableau to the correct position in the play grid.

The idea is simple, but the grid play can be surprisingly complex. Try out a few easy games to get the hang of how to play and you will be ready for a more difficult challenge on a larger play grid.

There are twenty-four different tile sets to choose from and three grid sizes. Also your play statistics will be saved so you can see how many times you have played each board size and your four fastest times.

On the options page you can choose one of the three grid sizes (5×6, 7×8 and 9×10), the difficulty level (easy, medium or hard), turn on/off sounds, choose the tile face and color and the tile set. The options will be saved so that the next time you play your favorite grid size and skin is automatically enabled.

View Mode:
When changing the view style (landscape/portrait), the numbers will automatically update so that the grid can easily be viewed from any of the four viewpoints. Only the numbers change (not the domino tiles) so this allows you to view the puzzle from different angles which might be helpful seeing possible solutions.

There is also a tip system with suggestions for different options to change the play style.

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