Introducing Logikal. The sliding puzzle that will immerse you in hours of game play.

The rules are simple- you begin with a starting pattern. To complete a level, you slide the blocks to match the finishing pattern. Once you complete 5 levels, you can advanced to the next difficulty and a new color brick is added.

Key features:
– Over 150 levels
– 4 difficulty levels. Ranging from 1 brick color to 4.
– Beautiful soundtrack

Logikal is a perfect supplement to any lunch break or car journey. Instead of viewing what your friend had for lunch on a social network, take 10 minutes to train your brain in problem solving.

Engaging in mental activity through games and puzzles can help keep the mind sharp in old age. Just as regular physical exercise helps the body, regular mental exercise has benefits for the mind. Completing games like Logikal have been shown to be beneficial to the maintenance of short-term memory, eye-hand co-ordination and general concentration.

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