Logicolor Free

MysticMono presents:

Logicolor, a game that will challenge your mind with numbers and colors.

How to play:

– What is the purpose of the game?
Get through adding and subtracting numbers a box with a number greater or equal than the target box and merge them.

– How to merge boxes?
Touch a box to mark the box and then to the destination you want to merge.

– What happen when boxes are merged?
Depending on whether they match the colors will be added or subtracted from the numbers in the destination box.

– When are added?
When color boxes linking match the destination of the box.

– When are subtracted?
When the colors do not match.

– Subtracting, could change the color of the target box?
Yes, if the number exceeds origin destination box number will change to the color that unites them.

Do not wait, Try it!

✔ More than 200 levels
✔ Upto 4 colors
✔ Gradual difficulty
✔ Highly addictive
✔ Hours and hours of fun

Can you beat all the levels?

Thanks for playing ;)


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