Livre de coloriages pour les fêtes de Pâques – Dessins de lapins, oeufs et poules à colorier – Pour iPad

Coloring book on the theme of Easter, with colored pencils, a full palette of color to build self-color and stickers to paste on the pages.

You will find in this book:
- Coloring on the Easter theme for children
- Many colored pencils
- A palette to build self-color
- an example to reproduce for each coloring page
- very funny stickers
- An automatic backup
- Various forms of brush that can make effects and textures
- An eraser to rub and a button to reset
- Variable size of pencil and stickers

Three coloring modes possible:
- “Super Easy” for smaller children. Fill color automatically with a simple click in an area;
- “Easy” for children more agile. This mode allows color without exceeding;
- The older children can completely disconnect aid.

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