Livre de coloriages pour la fête de la Saint Valentin avec des colombes, des coeurs et des anges – Pour iPhone et iPod

36 pages of coloring on the theme of the celebration of Valentine’s Day and lovers.

You will find in this book:
– Coloring on the theme of the celebration of Valentine’s Day
– Many colored pencils
– A magnifying glass to color the details (click on the magnifying glass: use two fingers to zoom the image, choose the pencil, color the selected area, and then click the magnifying glass and tighten the image with two fingers to the back image to its normal size).
– An automatic backup
– An eraser to rub and a button to reset
variable size of pencil

Three coloring modes possible:
– “Super Easy” for smaller children. Fill color automatically with a simple click in an area;
– “Easy” for children more agile. This mode allows color without exceeding;
The older children can completely disconnect the aid.

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