Liverpool FC Keepy Up King

Liverpool FC Keepy Up King is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Soccer Giants Making Strikes at Goal on App Store

Any soccer fans out there (or, football, should you be reading this on the other side of the pond) should be well aware of Real Madrid’s record-breaking exploits over the summer. The Spanish giants spent the equivalent of the GDP of a small country on players to get back to the top of the tree, but there are other fields of play where some of its football foes may be getting ahead. Namely, the App Store.

Yes, it would appear that some of English Premiership clubs have decided to embrace the iPhone in an attempt to further the league’s appeal. Liverpool released a game called Liverpool FC Keepy Uppy King, designed to put you in charge of some of the club’s biggest stars to show off your ball skills.

Yet, while Liverpool is probably the biggest club to embrace the App Store so far, it’s not the first. The title is set to compete with two other ‘Keepy Uppy Kings’ already on the market, all developed by Bright AI and available for fans of Liverpool’s city rivals Everton and current Premiership leaders Tottenham Hotspur. Indeed, Liverpool’s own particular version actually appears to be bringing up the rear and, despite its title, isn’t actually developed by Bright AI.

Confused? Well, in short, Liverpool’s release is an attempt to cash-in on the success already enjoyed by its rivals, with the similar, simple style representing a first step for some of football’s finest into this relatively new and untapped market. It makes sense, too; England’s Premier League teams currently boast fan clubs that range from Asia right across to the United States, and the transition onto the iPhone will certainly help the “beautiful game” find even more fans around the globe.

It’s another example of the App Store proving its commercial clout, with the likes of Waterslide Extreme tying in with Barclaycard’s recent worldwide ad campaign highlighting how Apple isn’t the only giant for whom the iPhone’s success has been fundamental. With one of the world’s largest soccer teams now also joining the fold, how long will it be before every organization out there has some sort of app available?