Live Chess

iPhone, Retina Display, and Live Chess will completely change the way you enjoy chess.

MORE PEOPLE, MORE MATCHES, and MORE THRILLS!! DreamOnline launched a brand new 3D chess application for iPhone and iPad. Live Chess is especially focused on playing chess “Live” online. Please join to our growing community of online chess players from all over the world! Finding opponents is no longer matters! Once you login to the salon, there will be many real online players in different skill levels waiting your challenge!!!

“Live Chess” introduces original, innovative and “eye-opening” beautiful graphics to iPhone/iPod Touch users as well as iPad users. Please experience very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Facebook Connect:
All players who have Facebook accounts are available to connect with Live Chess. While log in, players can publish to feed your friends and post and update information on their Facebook profile.

Add-On System:
Live Chess is originally designed for casual players. Please enjoy playing Live Chess as much as possible with our varieties of Add-Ons. All Add-Ons are available from Live Chess’s application top menu. Add-Ons will be added periodically to our In-App-Store so you will always discover new ways to enjoy Live Chess.

♦Unrestricted Play/Class Match
You are originally able to challenge a game in the salon only once a day (you can play a game if you are challenged by other players in the salon). Unrestricted Play/Class Match Add-On allows you to challenge a game and enjoy chess as much as you would like to without any restrictions.

There are 7 different classes (leagues) you will belong to. You will go up and down among classes by promotion or relegation according to your winning rate. Please enjoy Live Chess as much as possible with this Add-On.

♦Game Notation Management
This add-on enables players to save move histories and review all saved histories. You can send your game notation in PGN format via email to share your good moves with your friends.

♦Commentary Chat Room
All users are able to give a running commentary of live games in real time. You are also able to save, manage, and email all moves of a live games that you just watch and review them to improve your chess skill in PGN format.

♦Matchmaking Assistant
If you don’t know who you would like to play with, you can ask our matchmaking
assistant to suggest an ideal opponent (by rating and class) ready to play
with you from logged in players.

More Features:
-Superior and high-resolution 2D/3D graphics with the retina display
-Supported multitasking(after approx.10mins, you will receive a message and the app in the background will be suspended due to task completion timer. )
-Coffe Break:  Live Chess goes idle and you will receive a push notification when you are challenged by other players during coffee break.
-Intuitive and friendly UI
-3 different levels of local play
-Legal move highlights
-Elo rating system
-Automatic game backup
-Administrator’s message bulletin
-Chat room
-Opened Facebook fan page for players interaction
-Periodical updates

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