The 3nd phase of girl’s dress-up application!
Please love your little girl.

– Menu –
My Chara : The color of skin, eyes, a mouth, and a hairstyle can be set up.
Closet : Please choose dress and carry out dress-up. If you buy dress at a shop, dress will go into a closet.
Interior : The interior of the room can be changed.
Present : A present can be put on the room. A present can be got, if it works and the visitor’s heart value becomes the maximum.
Shop : Please buy dress in coin.
Work : Let’s coordinate the visitor’s dress and get coin. The quantity of the coin which can be got changes with results of a coordination. The visitor’s heart value also increases in connection with it.
Visitor List : The visitor’s data is displayed. If the heart value of my character increases, the appearing visitors will also increase in number.
Photo : In the case of a charged version, an image can be saved on the album of iPhone. The background which can be chosen increases with a heart value. A motion of my character can be stopped and photoed when you like.
Setting : ON/OFF of a sound, advertising ON/OFF (at the time of a charged version), and the purchase of a charged version can be performed.

If stroke my character, changing dress is carried out or each event is performed, a heart value will increase.

– About the preservation size of an image –
The size of the image saved turns into size according to a device.
In the case of a Retina display : 4-inch screen (640x1136px), 3.5-inch screen (640x960px)
When it is not a Retina display : 320x480px

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