Little Runner

Little Runner is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Little Runner

Little Runner, the musical microgame from Shanghai-based Red Rocket Games, ran all the way across the Pacific Ocean to reach the App Store. There’s not much to it, and that’s okay–simple can be good, especially when it’s backed up by a cool soundtrack.


The hand-drawn Little Runner jogs from left to right, grooving on his headphones and totally oblivious to the uneven terrain in front of him.

If you don’t even it out by flicking sections of ground up or down, he’ll run right into a wall or fall in a pit, ending the game and freezing your score.

There are plenty of these “go as far as you can” games of skill on the App Store, but Little Runner’s weird background tune makes it more hypnotic than most.

A trippy electronic beat bubbles up around a girl repeating “Runnnn!” in a dazed tone of voice. It makes you want to get farther just to hear the next section of the song. Maybe if you go far enough, she’ll start saying “Stopppp!”

We felt okay about paying a buck for Little Runner, as a small dose of quirky fun. It needs some basic amenities like online leaderboards and a stage select, though, which the App Store page tells us will soon be added in an update.

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