Little Red Riding Hood’s Listening Adventure

This version of Little Red Riding Hood, tells a classic tale in a brand new and exciting way. Complete with a professionally narrated video and 5 interactive activities, this book is sure to enthrall your kids while they learn crucial listening skills for school.
Every child loves to listen to stories. Folk tales and fairy tales have the extra bonus of a moral or “life lesson” woven into the story. Listening to a story increases a child’s auditory abilities and sparks their imagination. In this app, your child gets the opportunity to participate in activities which enhance a variety of listening skills:
Auditory discrimination- to hear the difference between sounds,
Story retell- to see how accurately the child has stored the information for easy retrieval and strength the child’s expressive language,
Following directions-to strengthen auditory comprehension
Sequencing – to improve auditory memory and story telling.
The best part of this app is that these skills are integrated into the story, giving context and meaning to the activities and a well rounded learning experience.
We know your child will enjoy listening and learning this way. You’ll know you are exposing the child to a nourishing “auditory diet”. Our purpose for all of the books and apps in the series is to build listening and strength language. Have fun!

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