Little Go

******************** IMPORTANT ********************
This app requires a certain minimum amount of memory. If your device is an iPhone 3GS, iPad 1st generation, or an iPod Touch 3rd/4th generation you will find that your device is often at its limit. If you experience a crash after zooming you can try the following: On the “Settings” tab, select “Play view” and at the bottom of the screen reduce the “Maximum zoom” slider to a middle position.

Little Go is a free and open source iOS application that lets you play the game of Go on the iPhone or iPad. You can play against another human (on the same device), or against the computer. The computer player is powered by the open source software library Fuego ( The minimum requirement for running this version of Little Go is iOS 5.0.

– Basic game play
– Let the computer player make a move for you
– Calculate score at any time during the game (territory scoring rules)
– Adjust computer playing strength using “profiles”
– View board positions for moves played earlier during the game (no variations)
– Discard moves (aka “undo”)
– Display move numbers and coordinate labels
– Zoom & scroll board
– Computer vs. computer game for entertainment
– Save & load games to/from the archive
– Use iTunes file sharing to transfer saved games to/from your iOS device
– Import/export game files from/to other apps on your device (e.g. Mail, DropBox)
– In-app user manual (text-only)
– Submit bug report email from inside the app (yes, this *is* a feature :-))
– For the technically inclined: Watch what happens behind the scenes when Little Go and Fuego talk to each other over the Go Text Protocol (GTP)

More than two years of development have gone into Little Go since its inception in January 2011. The app now has a feature set that is, I believe, quite impressive for a free program. I expect Little Go to finally reach version 1.0 in two or three more releases. After that, I will stop adding more features (at least for the time being) and concentrate on fixing any remaining bugs and keeping the app running under future versions of iOS.

Having said this, development on Little Go will not stop entirely even after 1.0, and your contribution in any form (coding, testing, bug reports) will always be welcome. Please visit the project website ( to find out more.

Little Go is released under the Apache License 2.0 (

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