Little Friends

The best tamagotchi for iphone from Besmut Games! 6 unique pets, a lot of fun animation, cool music and all of this is exclusively for ios! Get your own little Friend!
Discover the fascinating world of “Little Friends”, in which you have to take care and look after your pet. You can choose any of the 6 types of funny animals: dog, cat, ferret, sheep, horse and pig. Each pet has its own unique features and character. There are 500 coins in your purse at the beginning of the game, which you can spend in the game store. Each day, the player gets 10 coins in a purse. The game is synchronized with Game center, which records the lifetime of your pet. Most caring pet owners will be on the first line of the rating!


* six funny and unique pets
* gorgeous cartoon graphics
* a lot of different animation
* the opportunity to raise your pet
* game store with a variety of goods
* great music
* rating of the best pet owners!
* pig in the image of Darth Vader!

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