Little Empire Online

1 medieval fantasy world,3 great heroes, and 12 unique units!
New battles let you duke it out 30 vs. 30!
Stunning 3D graphics bring your empire to life!
10 Adventure chapters, 263 levels, and limitless challenge!

【Game Intro】
In the 3D fantasy world of Little Empire, you will play as a castle hero, challenging the Arena, Adventure mode, and other players to expand your domain and build an imperial legacy of your very own!
【Game Features】
Three Heroes to Guide the Nation
The iron-jawed Behemoth——axe crushing down like a rockslide;
The dual-blade wielding Berserker——swords whirring like leaves in the wind;
The soul-sucking Succubus—— burning through enemies with her fiery dragon soul.
These are the three unique heroes of Little Empire, each with their own distinct stats and equipment to fit the play style of your fancy.
12 Unique Units to Combine and Conquer !
Ice-wielding Mages; bestial Wolf Riders; Sapphire-skinned Trolls… These are just a few of the 12 different unit types you will command, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are conquering another player or challenging the Adventure mode, a carefully designed formation will be critical in overtaking your opponent’s defenses. Add the strategic support of your hero, and victory will be yours!
Limitless Adventure
Adventure to Ne’erfrost Harbor, Evensnow City, Leafy Spring, Fire Valley, Snowcloak Cliff, and more new locations, for a total of 10 chapters and 263 levels. Within this enchanted new land lurk fearsome Dragon Cannons, Ape Berserkers, a Magic Dragon, and other awesome new enemies and bosses awaiting your challenge. Victory will bring you magic spar, equipment fragments, and other rare loot!

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