Listening Star

Improve your listening skill and learn about 48 celebrities across 4 award shows. This fun wheel-of-fortune game will test your listening ability with short passages and tricky questions.

Easy to play! Just spin the wheel and get your celebrity. Listen to a short extract and answer one tough question. If you’re right, you get a good grade. If you’re wrong, you get a bad grade. Listen closely and try to get an A+, so you can move onto the next show. Good luck!

Listening Star is an interactive game for players who want to practice listening. The game features four award shows with 12 famous celebrities on each show. Players listen to a description of each celebrity and answer one tough question about the them. Correct answers raise your grade. If you get a B grade or better, you can continue to the next show. Wheel-of-fortune format, with a choice of two teachers. Instant feedback, standardized test questions help players practice for listening tests.

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