Lion-X Vs Tomb Raiders, Full Game

** This FULL version game has no in game ads and ALL guns and weapons are automatically unlocked! :) **

Lion-X Vs Tomb Raiders is an epic action defence game where you (Lion-X) help defend the sacred tomb and kill the enemy tomb raiders. This action game is fast paced and highly addictive. You will be shooting enemies for hours! One tomb raider after another will try to attack you – Getting harder and harder the longer you stay alive!

But don’t worry… your gun is bigger then theirs! ;) There are tons of guns and weapons like the awesome shotgun so you will never get board from shooting Tomb Raiders!

Blast your way to the top of the leaderboard! How long can you defend and protect the tomb for?

This epic shooter will have you hooked! If you like shoot ‘em up arcade games… you’ll love this app!

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