Linus Lite

Linus – 3D Four-In-A-Row with Fascinating 3D-Effects and Real Depth of Space

PLEASE NOTE: Only Available Playing Mode in this Free Version: “2 Players” (on 1 device)

Linus is a three-dimensional and very attractive game. With its different levels you can play it just for fun or – if you like to – as a challenging strategy game. Due to its easy rules it can be learned and played immediately. On the other hand Linus is completely three-dimensional. Compared to the well known classical four-in-a-row game it is much more exciting and a nice challenge for everyone. For those who want to improve their spatial sense Linus is an excellent training partner.

Due to Linus‘ graphical qualities it is great fun to set the attractive glass marbles into the fascinating game space. In order to get and keep the overview you can turn it in any direction – with an amazing smooth movement – and zoom it as you like. 

It really feels marvelous and opens a new dimension to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

This game is a must for everybody. It introduces the convincing graphical and threedimensional capabilities (especially of the iPad) better than any other app. (Please let us know if you feel you have found one.)

Rules of the Game

Both players alternately put balls into the cubic game space. The first player to connect four in a row wins.

Game Mode

2 players (on one device against each other)

For your information:
The not free versions of Linus include additionally the playing mode „1 player“ (against the computer in several levels)

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