Linky Fish

The Most Played Puzzle Game In Asia Is Now Available Worldwide!
Known by hundreds of millions in Asia as ‘Lian Lian Kan’, this classic puzzle game is now available globally as Linky Fish™ for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Pair up the same creatures by connecting them by lines of sight equal to no more than 2 90-degree angles. With repeated failed attempts to pair up creatures, the more likelihood for more obstacles to appear to interfere with your performance. So, be careful!

Supporting both Single and Multiplayer modes, improve your speed and strategy offline before playing online against our robust network of players from all over the world.

– Level Performance System: Monitor and improve both your play speed and strategy in Single Player mode
– Network Gameplay: Use your Facebook login to battle against players of various skill levels around the world
– Crisp, humorous ocean-themed graphics
– Playful music accompanies challenging gameplay

– Treasure Chest Recycle: Rearrange the board if you get stuck
– Shark Face: Erase him from view by rubbing him out
– Question Mark Blocks: Click to unveil what creature is hiding underneath
– Oil Barrels: Don’t create an oil spill – clean these up one at a time!

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