Link The Bulbs

Link The Bulbs HD is now available!

Challenge your mind with Link The Bulbs! It is a fun and addictive puzzle game. You need to link up all the bulbs in sequence by a wire. When the bulb is linked with the wire, it will light up. There are obstacles. The wire cannot pass through the obstacles and cross itself. The wire also need to pass through all the clear tiles.

• 200 levels
• Level Pack A – 100 new levels with inner wall scene (in-app purchase)
• Level Pack B – 100 new levels with LED scene (in-app purchase)
• Retina Display support
• Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements
• Facebook integration

How To Play:
1. Complete the level by linking up all the bulbs by a wire according to the sequence.
2. The route of the wire should pass through ALL EMPTY TILES without crossing itself.
3. For reverse direction, tap the tile at the end of the wire and then move back.

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