Link Link 2 HD

*** OVER 10,000,000 USERS in all platform ***

LinkLink 2 is a fashionable and interesting puzzle game with easy rule.It is specially designed with variety of beautiful interface and lovely seaview. flowing cloud, flying seagulls,swimming boats, sound of wave breaking on the shore and also the airy background music, you must be lost in it. Addition to that, brandnew gameplay, three completely different icons and automatic day or night mode, so you can enjoy it even in the bed. Four kinds of modes plus iPad challenge mode will bring you more surprise. Now let’s play together in the link world!

Game methods:
1, choose a pair of the same icon and then eliminate it
2. It can only be eliminated when the straight lines to connect the same two icons are not more than 3.
3. You can use various of props when playing. There are 3 kinds of help props: the one like magnifier is used to eliminate one pair automatically, the one like a bomb is used to blast one kind of icon element you click after choosing this prop, and the one like refresh mark is used to realign all the icons in the screen.

• Brand-new Gameplay:
9 different icon automoving system
combo hits system
star collecting system

• Five Modes:
Classic Mode: The most classic gameplay, salutes to the traditional!
Time Mode: Racing against time.
Infinite Mode: Take the challenge to prove who is the king of the linklink world.
Leisure Mode: Every level has a different style, just enjoy it in your leisure time.
Vs Mode: Challenging and funny,setting the type of battle by yourself, brand-new VS tools to use.(only for iPad)


Now you can be comfortable to challenge the linklink world in bed!

4 new Leaderboards.
30 brand-new Achievements.

Ok, What are you waiting for? Let’s Link together!
If you have any suggestion or problems about our games,please feel free to contact us.

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