Link a Word

Remember when you used to play Word Chain with your friends? With Link a Word by Pyro Mobile you can now take it one step further.

Link a Word invites you to challenge everyone on your contact list and show them your great vocabulary skills in the most addictive and funny word game in the App Store. Throughout the games of 10 turns each you will be required to use as many letters as possible to link words and thus raise your score.

Challenge your friends or use our new match-making service to find random opponents. It’s absolutely free, you can play in English and you can have as many simultaneous matches as you like.


◍ Word Chain: Employing a traditional game everybody knows, you will have to link words using as many letters as possible.

◍ Endless fun: It’s free, you can play in your language and have as many simultaneous matches as you like. You will come up against your friends and find out who has greater verbal skills.

◍ Powered by Glass: With just one single login, you will access a huge and fast growing collection of applications & games and you will be able to play with your friends.

◍ Available in 2 languages: The game is available in English & Spanish. German, French & Italian will be available soon.

⋆ Visit to find more games.

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