Lingua Kidz

Learning languages playfully
This app is ideal for preschool and primary school-aged children. “Lingua Kidz” allows curious children to learn languages in an entertaining way. This interactive game has been developed by educators to comply with the latest theories of language acquisition. The application works by focusing on the interplay between language, image, movement and sounds without the use of text. Scenes from everyday life help children discover topics including nature, the kitchen, the beach, and many more. Various characters and objects react visually and acoustically to the exploratory touch of the child user. “Lingua Kidz” has a variety of languages to choose from and exhibits a very user-friendly interface. Continuous interaction and immediate feedback ensure sustainable comprehension of language while facilitating a fun language learning experience. Have fun!

Methodology: Simone Ries
Conceptual Design: Simone Ries & Roman Maxymchuk
Audio Preparation: Simone Ries

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