Lingo the Word Game


A twist on word association games like Word to Word, except instead of matching words you match English phrases. Lingo is a fun and addictive PHRASE association game!

Over 3,500 phrases have been painstakingly sorted and arranged to create Lingo. And though it took some time to create, we are happy to say Lingo is finally ready for the masses.

A rising tide … lifts all boats
Stitch in time … saves nine
Feather in … your cap
Lock stock … and barrel
To each … his own
There’s no such thing … as a free lunch

Except, with Lingo there actually is such a thing as a Free Lunch because Lingo comes with 40 free word puzzles. And the rest of the puzzles can be had for less than a penny each!

With over 3,500 phrases, Lingo provides hours of entertainment. Plus, Lingo includes a phrase dictionary that includes a definition for every phrase used in the game.

If you like great word games like Word to Word, Scrabble, Wordfeud, Words with Friends, Wordsearch, Hangman, and 7 Little Words then you will love Lingo!

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