Lingo (Spanish)

★★ The Mastermind of spanish words ★★
WordBreaker is the Mastermind of words! How fast can you find the secret word? With every try, WordBreaker tells you which letters are correct or misplaced.

Think that’s easy ? Think again… Don’t forget that only well formed spanish words of the right length will give you the feedback you need! Any mistake and you loose that try… Currently, WordBreaker’s dictionary contains more than 150,000 entries ranging from 5 to 12 letters and 4 increasing difficulty levels.

✓ Challenge your friends with your best scores (also works with Lingo HD for iPad) !
✓ Game Center compatibility (iOS 4.2) to share/compare scores and achievements online
✓ Multi-user (each family member can have its own profile and scores)
✓ Improved input mode (disable the option to go back to the original mode)
✓ New “random word length” mode

✦✦ Discover WordBreaker and WordBreaker HD (universal app. for iPad+iPhone) in english, also available on the AppStore ✦✦

Need a little help? Just shake your iPhone or iPod to trigger the “wildcard letter”. Be aware however that this trick works only once per word and reduces your score…

Each time you find the secret word, you get between 100 and 220 points depending on the difficulty level. Double your score by finding the secret word in 3 tries only, make it fivefold by finding it in 2 tries only, and tenfold if you find it at the very first guess !!! Check your scores or the found word history in the “Score” view.

Customize your favorite gameplay :
✓ Choose your word length, ranging from 5 to 12 letters.
✓ Choose the average level of difficulty for secret words: “Easy”, “Medium”, “Hard” or “Expert”.
✓ Choose the number of attempts available to find the secret word.
✓ The higher the speed, the less time you get for each try.

Choose your favorite game mode :
✓ Training : Just practice, and score !
✓ Marathon : Find as many words as you can, with an increasing difficulty, and reach the best score in one go without failing.
✓ Time trial : Find a predefined number of words in a limited amount of time.

Other options :
✓ Choose one of the available skins or switch on/off sound effects.

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