Lines Of Action

Somehow you’ve stumbled across this app, possibly looking for chess. If so, you’ve come to the right place. This could be your next favorite game.

Lines Of Action is a strategy based board game that compares in complexity to chess. The game has been around for about 40 years, but only in the last couple of decades has the popularity really taken off, prompting international competitions.

The rules of the game are deceptively simpleā€¦ you need to connect your pieces together before your opponent does. All pieces are equal, and move according to the total number of pieces in a chosen row, column, or diagonal. You can jump your own pieces but not your opponents. Don’t worry, our app contains a list of rules as well as highlighting of legal moves to help you learn and play the game.

You can play with a friend, or you can play against our (mostly) friendly computer. You can choose a beginner level to help you learn the ropes, and graduate to master when you really want a challenge.

If you’re still reading, then this game is probably for you. You can either go read more about it on Wikipedia and play yourself, or you can download our app and start learning right now. Then, you can teach your friends, and beat them. Enjoy.

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