★Shoot your veggies to cute animals invading!★
Fun shooting puzzle game “LINE PATAPOKO ANIMAL”

Official game from LINE, free messenger App with more than 85 million users around the world!

■ What kind of game?
Whole new concept of puzzle game. Throw away vegetable items to the cute but nasty animals in front to avoid escaping from the picture book.

■ How to play?
LINE PATAPOKO ANIMAL is a game using gyroscope sensor of the smartphone.

Tilt your device side to side, up and down to control the thrown vegetable items to hit the animal target. Successfully hit the target and collect cherry as a reward. Collect as many cherries as possible and use them to upgrade your vegetable items for better performance.

■ Playing tips
Try to aim target correctly!
Since animals are moving around the field, you must aim properly to hit the target successfully. Don’t miss the combo shot too!

■ Play together with LINE friends!
Compete against your LINE friend’s for higher scores. See who’ll reach the top scores first at PATAPOKO challenge mode! PATAPOKO Ranking!!

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