Limitless Checkers

Limitless Checkers, Limitless Fun!

Exploit your brain to the fullest by playing up to three sets of checkers (that include 30 checkers) per person against human or computer opponents with three challenging skill levels.

How to Play:
1. Select one checker by touching the screen.
2. Select its destination by touching the screen.
3. If the current player is a computer opponent, touching the screen will let the computer start to play.

– The number of players can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

– Each player can control 1, 2, or 3 sets of checkers, if possible.

– Each player can be one of four types: 1. Human. 2. i-Easy (computer). 3. i-Normal (computer). 4. i-Hard (computer).

– Two rules can be configured (during a game play) as follows.
1. Jump rules:
A. Traditional (short) jumps that are adjacent and continuous.
B. Symmetrical (long) jumps that can jump over empty holes as long as there is one checker in the middle exactly. This rule is a super set of the traditional (short) jumps rule.

2. Neutral zone rules:
A. Can stay. Checkers can pass-by or stay in other checkers’ home/destination area.
B. Can pass-by only. Checkers can pass-by but cannot stay in other checkers’ home/destination area.
C. Forbidden. Checkers can neither pass-by nor stay in other checkers’ home/destination area.

– Three show options can be configured (during a game play) as follows.
1. Show Move: Show the track from the start to the destination of a checker.
2. Show Hints: Show all possible destinations of a checker.
3. Show Progress: Show the percentage of progress for checkers.

– Undo or redo previous moves.

Enjoy playing “Limitless Checkers”! :-)

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