Lilo's Free Music Game

“Lilo’s Game” is an experiment in puzzles, music and random gameplay that will keep you coming back for years to come. This one is easy to pick up but hard to put down.


Do you remember the game “Simon” from the 80’s? Where you have 4 colors and have to match the patterns?

Well this game is like Simon after he drinks about 25 red bulls… while being in the dance floor of a club with a world famous DJ playing!

The first level is easy. You’ll have ONE button and repeat the pattern that you hear.

The second level adds another button… and each level gets progressively harder until you have 4 buttons you’re trying to match with a banging soundtrack.


Everything in “The Game” is RANDOMIZED.

That means you absolutely will never play the same game twice. The background dances to the music, the buttons will “go off” in different times every game and the you’ll never know what to expect.

But at the same time the whole game will be “synced” to the music.

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