Lil' Drummer Lite

Make music on 10 drums and themes
Comes with 3 FREE drums and backgrounds

Little Drummer is hours of drumming fun for you and your kids.

✪✪✪ SIMPLE & FUN ✪✪✪

This game has been designed by parents and played with children of various ages and cultural backgrounds. They love it, and your child will too. It’s free so why not download and explore the wonderful tune of the tribal DunDun drum or the Caribbean Steel drum. You can play any drum, with any background theme, and there are ten drums and themes in all — literally thousands of musical possibilities.

Each theme includes a beautifully illustrated world drum, special drum sounds, one-of-a-kind background artwork and originally scored music track. Collect them all one by one, or download the bundle pack!

Download new drums and background themes!

✪ Playground Theme and Tom-Toms ✪
✪ Bedtime Theme and Djembe ✪
✪ Moonlight Theme and Taiko Drum ✪
✪ Twinkle Theme and Bata Drum ✪
✪ Jungle Music Theme Caribbean Steel ✪
✪ Tranquil Theme and Dundun ✪
✪ City Theme and Conga Drums ✪
✪ Beach Theme and Snare Drum ✪
✪ Summer Theme and Bongos ✪
✪ Concert Theme and Timpani ✪

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