LifeMime is a variation of John Conway’s Game Of Life, a cellular simulation of life that Conway designed in 1970. Within the grid, “live” cells have color, while “dead” cells are gray. Each cell’s neighbors are the 8 cells that surround it. The rules for the simulation are as follows:

1. A live cell will die if it has fewer than two live neighbors, as it is “underpopulated” and cannot sustain live.
2. A live cell will die if it has more than three live neighbors, as it is “overpopulated” and cannot sustain life.
3. A live cell remains alive if it has either two or three live neighbors.
4. A dead cell may come alive if it has exactly three live neighbors, as it must have the perfect amount of surrounding life in order to come into existence.

LifeMime has a suite of interactive controls. Some features of LifeMime include:
-Heat Level: “New” cells are colored bright green, while “old” cells turn red in 6 levels of color-simulated heat
-Pause/resume animation button
-Variable frame update interval
-Pre-loaded list of simulations (Gosper Glider Gun, Butterfly, Glider, pentomino, etc.)
-Load/save unlimited number of boards with custom names
-Ability to toggle cells while in motion
-Pinch to zoom
-Scroll across grid
-Toggle grid numbering

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