LifeGameHD plus

An implementation of Conway’s Game of Life for iPhone / iPod touch, iPad.
You can freely edit the cell. Change of display magnification and area copy & paste are possible during edit.
50 library data.
70 puzzle stages.
Rule(+original rule) is freely customizable.

Features: For the most part of UI is transparent, cell will be displayed on entire screen. Settings are applied in real time during operation.


Size of a cell is specified with this value.


Image chooses from square (three types), jewelry, ball, LED and star.


Color chooses from 8 types.
(Initial lock)


Hide / show the radial rays that occurs when a cell was born.


The edge of a screen is connected. (top and bottom, left and right)


Specifies the interval of generation change. “1.00” means once at 1 second.


Clear (all cells deletion), Random (all cells random), and File (file manipulation) are supported.
As for File, User data 1-5 are 50 places to save edited data.
Library1-5 are 50 data prepared beforehand.
(Initial lock Library 4-5)


Rule is freely customizable.
(Initial lock “N2″)


You can change magnification by entire display window.

■[C] [P]

Area copy and paste (90/180/270-degree rotation and mirror) are possible.


Simple rule. Only one or two tap.

It is possible to clear easily.

It is possible to clear if trying and erring for a moment.

It is possible to clear if you think efficiently.

A huge trial and error, intuition, and luck are requested.

It is almost impossible. Do not attempt to clear it by force.

Achievement of specific conditions will unlock items.
total 7 stage clear → color 2 and 3
total 14 stage clear → rule N2
??? → color 4 and 5
??? → color 6 and 7
??? → color 8
total 7 stage clear → library 4
??? → library 5


Sound on / off.

It keeps operating for 10 minutes even if the application program is end.
(iOS 4.2 or later)

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