LICKTHIS skateboard

THELICK is derived from rocket science. In the early 50’s, Russian scientists developed exercises for their cosmonauts to sustain and maintain efficient performance for space walking. These exercises improved their agility and stamina allowing them to perform under pressure!

The objective of THELICK is to challenge yourself and/or your friends to LICK the score! Share your LICKTHIS high score videos on Youtube with us, post your LICKTHIS videos on our Facebook, Instagram your high score photos/videos on our Twitter #LICKTHISHIGHSCORE

Plot a course with your friends to tear up your skate-park, the half-pipe or a street course.

Once you and/or your friends are in agreement, establishing YOUR own rules, where the start and finish lines are, pick your line, practice and repeat it! (BMX Bikers can use the LICKTHIS App for Skateboarding and set your own boundaries!)

How do I/we start?
First go to > Settings on your phone > Scroll to Auto-Lock and set a relevant time to prevent your phone standby mode activating, one that suits your predetermined course. We would recommend 3 minutes or more. This will ensure your screen stays active during your RUN. Lastly set the volume to maximum!

When you’re at your established Start-line, touch the GREEN button* on the App and the whole screen on your phone will turn GREEN. Tap/touch AGAIN to start your run; the whole screen will turn AMBER during your run, tap/touch the screen AGAIN when you cross your established finish line. The screen will turn RED with a score over your predetermined course.

Maintain the same position where you place your phone, when competing against your friends and/or yourself. Your phone needs to be accessible so you can start and finish each RUN – in your top pocket, back pocket, side pocket, or in some sort of holder, you’ll work it out so you can activate the start / finish button yourself, to ensure consistency of your score.

Disclaimer: THELICK is an exercise to improve your control. Using the LICKTHIS App while Skateboarding or BMX riding, do so at your own risk and within your limits, before taking it to the next level! When planning your course, consider the skill level of your friends and yourself, safety equipment should be worn and is recommended!

You can’t beat THELICK; you can only improve on your high score!

* Button requires a good GPS signal to turn green.

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