Library Booksort


Experience the behind-the-scenes world of your local library! As books are returned, players must sort books by matching each to a specific cart. Players organically learn flags of countries, animals, fruits and famous paintings while enjoying the game!

Library Booksort is an addictive game combining hand-eye coordination and matching skills. Perfect for young and old alike, this game helps players learn differences in objects as flags, paintings, fruits, and animal books must be sorted properly. Curious players can even learn more about images used in the game between levels.

At Level 1, booksorters begin with 3 carts to sort books into. As game progresses, however, more and more carts are added: Level 2 has 4 carts, Level 3 has 5 carts, and so on. A player has to scroll from side to side to find the matching carts for the books without letting any fall off the conveyor belt. To make the game more challenging, the conveyor belt speeds up during gameplay.

As random books move along the belt, players must also watch out for bombs that are released to stir up trouble on the belt. Unlike making a small error, touching a bomb results in an immediate death and the game is over!

– Five categories of books
– Each category has hundreds of images
– Various conveyor belt speeds
– Players can choose number of carts
– Touching a bomb can end the game

This engaging game is both educational and entertaining. Recommended for ages four and up, players will learn how to distinguish variations in books and sort properly. Available on iPhone and iPad, Library Booksort promotes matching and fun!

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