Liar's Dice – Bluetooth Versus

###The Most Popular dice game in many countries###

Liar’s dice, or Liar dice, it is a popular game in HongKong and China, where most bars and clubs will have dice and cups stationed at tables. Liar’s Dice is known for being a game in pirate history, and a name for a class of dice games for two or more players.They are easy to learn, require little equipment, and can be played as gambling or drinking games.

We have transplanted the game on to iPhone, it is easy for everybody to play at anytime and anywhere, it does not need dice and cup, no limited, just use your iPhone, then you can play.

And we have provided bluetooth or WIFI connection for up to 4 players play together, you could enjoy its happiness even in a noisy place, come on! Let’s ask your friends to download this awesome app and have fun together now!

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