Liar Poker

Liar Poker also known as Liar Dice is an easy to learn and competitive game played with 5 poker dice which are traditionally rolled inside a leather cup.

The variant played here is « individual hand » and is played as follows :

You are playing against iPhone or iPad.
The starting player rolls the dice by shaking the cup and passes the cup to the next player along with a bid

The next player accepts or challenges the bid
If a bid is challenged , the dice are revealed :
oIf the actual dice hand is equal or better than the bid, the challenger loses a life (point)
oIf the actual dice hand is lower, the claimant loses a life (point)

If the player accepts he or she rolls the dice and makes his or her bid :
oBefore rolling the dice, the player may move some of the dice in or out of the cup in order to maximize the bid.
oNext he or she will either roll some of the dice outside of the cup or roll the remaining dice inside the cup before making his or her bid.

The winner of the round starts again a new round
When a player has lost all his or her lives (5) , the player is out and the remaining player wins the game

The are 5 dice : each dice is marked with Ace(A), King(K), Queen(Q), Jack(J), 10(T) and 9(9), indescending order of value.

The bids are = Singleton(S) , Pair(P), Double Pair(DP), Three of a Kind(TK), Full House(FH), Fourof a Kind(FoK), Five of a Kind(FiK)

* time constrained game:
* 60 seconds per turn
* no time limit per game
*User manual and game rules described in flip-over screen accessible via button i .
* you can restart the game as often as you want, the score is displayed on the screen
* warning: addictive game!

Screen information :
The dice are shown in a circular frame representing the cup which can be opened and closed by double tapping the screen
The dice can be dragged in/out of the cup to the rectangular frame below the cup
A second rectangular frame contains the bid labels permitting to formulate the bid by tapping repeatedly on the each label until the requested combination is shown.
The last line represents the final bid in the middle to be double tapped to confirm ones own bid or to challenge the other player’s bid.
The i on the last line gives access to the user manual and the game rules.
The remaining lives (points) from each player are shown at each side at the bottom of the cup. The score is shown at each side at the top.

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