Maximize with Leximize! Running out of time to play all the word games you want? Ever want to be a Word Wizard, Spelling Sensation, Vocabulary Valkyrie or Linguistic Lex Luther?

Now’s your chance with Leximize! Win more games of Bookworm Heroes, Words with Friends or Scrabble® using Leximize to maximize your words! Enter all your tiles and see the possibilities! Change the scoring system at any time to reflect the game you’re playing.

Leximize will maximize your points every time and will make sure you’re seeing the highest scoring words first. Don’t be fooled by apps that just show you the results in alphabetic order.

•Highest Scoring Word: See Leximized results for top scores
•Multiple Rule Sets: Just change the score set and see the best word for your game
•Endless Letters: Enter all 24+ tiles to see all the results
•Train Your Brain: See new combinations and increase your vocabulary
•Get Time Back: Play more games in a shorter period of time
•All your favorite games: Bookworm Hero, Words with Friends, Scrabble® and other word games
•Universal Application: One download for all your devices
•It’s Lexsational!

Leximize is not affiliated with Scrabble® or Hasbro in anyway. Scrabble® is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. Leximize is for entertainment purposes only.

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