Letterful HD

Letterful is the multiplayer word game with a twist (or two, or three)…

Take on Letterful itself (beware: it knows more than 200,000 words!) or your friends over the network. Use your letters to build up high-scoring words – and do it fast, because those tiles don’t sit around forever! You can move any of your letters at any time, but you can’t put them back on the rack once you’ve taken them off. When a player uses up all their letters, everyone has to take two more. When all the letters are gone, penalise players with tiles still sitting around unused – and see who’s come out on top!


★ Fast-paced and flexible wordplay: re-arrange your letters whenever your like but don’t let the other players get ahead!

★ Looks good on any iDevice: scales up beautifully for iPad and uses high-def graphics for iPhone 4.

★ Play with up to five other friends via the wi-fi connection.

★ Chat with other players during a game.

★ Ask to “peek” at other players’ screens during play – the others won’t know a thing!

★ Optional spell-checking, for settling the score at the end of a game – with more than 200,000 words built in.

★ Play a tough computer opponent to build up your vocab!

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