Lettercheat Free – The Ultimate Cheat App for Letterpress

The ultimate Lettercheat application. Let’s get smurfing and turn all our boards blue!

Lettercheat will take screenshots of a Letterpress game from your camera roll and run them through some algorithmic magic. We’ll find all the possible words, and then rank them for the best possible play.

Why would you want to just win, when you can crush your opponent? One of the best features of our app is the focus on complete domination. We want to help you turn the board entirely blue.

For a given game you can mark a word as used, and we’ll hide that word as well as any shorter versions of that word that you wouldn’t be able to play.

Or maybe you just want a list of words. You don’t need to cheat, you just want to see what words are in the app, and what words aren’t. Right? So we made the app free with a complete, searchable word list, sorted alphabetically or by word length.

Other features include:
– Works with screenshots from any Letterpress theme (Yes, even Pop), device, and orientation (portrait or landscape).
– It comes with strategy tips so that you can get better, and enjoy the game even more.
– The ranked words for each game are saved, so that the second or third time you add a screenshot to the same game, it’s nearly instantaneous.
– We’ll show you which letters to play for each word, so you can maximize your score and position.
– The app includes every one of the 271,793 words that Letterpress allows, so you won’t miss a single opportunity.

This app is not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or in any way associated with atebits LLC, the developer of LETTERPRESS™. LETTERPRESS™ and ATEBITS® are trademarks of atebits LLC.

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