Letter Mix Live

★★★★★ “New original MULTIPLAYER word puzzle game!” Available in English, Deutsch, Español, Česky

Ultimate word scramble game! ★★★★★
by Craigolas11 – Version 1.0 – Sep 5, 2012

Letter Mix Live allows you to go head-to-head with your Facebook friends in heated word scramble matches. It is fun but watch out it gets addicting. You must act quick because you are playing against a real person on the other end. Try it out for yourself and maybe we will face each other one day.

Creative ★★★★
by CoachAli – Version 1.0 – Sep 4, 2012

I love word games, they are my weakness. This game is addicting. I love the little creative elements added to make it more challenging or exciting. I enjoy that I can invite and challenge a friend to play it just makes winning more fun and loosing well… I say get the game you won’t regret it!

Addicting!! ★★★★
by TechGuru5 – Version 1.0 – Sep 3, 2012

Just played my friend and all I can say is this app is very addicting. Free to download and play which is great and it even allows you to purchase in app tricks which they call “spells.” these allow you to stump your opponent. Fun, addicting, and great user interface!

Great Addicting Word Game!!! ★★★★★
by jpapino – Version 1.0 – Sep 3, 2012

This game is a great add-on to the original version! I have been playing the original Letter Mix sense it came out and this one is even more fun! This version allows you to play against your friends and family too! I love the innovative design of this app – it truly one of a kind for sure. You can’t go wrong – its free, fun and highly addictive!
Highly recommend trying this one out!

This fun and addicting word game is designed to stimulate the mind as users guess and decodes the letters that appear on the screen! When the letters are rearranged to form the correct word, they are pushed to the left of the screen and credits are awarded to the winner.

Letter Mix LIVE expands on the original version of the game by offering “spells” which can be used to confuse your opponent and give you a competitive advantage! If you gather up enough bonus points – called Bohemians – you may be able to purchase some spells which can be used against your opponent! You can even buy Bohemian points directly from within the app!

Spells available:

* Hint spell re-arranges your letters so that the beginning of the word is spelt correctly.

* Glue spell prevents your opponent from guessing the word for a short time by making their letters unmovable.

* Hide spell will remove some of the letters from your opponent’s screen and slow down their progress.

* Scramble spell will re-arrange the other player’s letters forcing them to start over. But be careful – when using the Scramble spell you might just solve the puzzle for them!

Letter Mix LIVE is fully integrated with Apple’s Game Center as well as Facebook, making it easier than ever to share your gaming experience with your friends. Now you can challenge your friends in the word game you know and love!

Key Features!
✔Fast online multi-player game play!
✔Support for 4 Languages – English, German, Spanish and Czech!
✔Spells – gain an advantage over your opponent!
✔7 game rooms with varying difficulty!
✔Facebook Integration – challenging your friends has never been easier!
✔Full high resolution retina display graphics!
✔iPad native support!
✔Hall of Fame for best players

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