Lethe – a matching game for all ages.

Armed with only your wits, you must bravely flip tiles – two at a time – to locate the pairs. Succeed and your heroic deeds will live forever in legend. But heed this warning mortal! Should you fail… er… well actually you can’t fail. There are 36 tiles consisting of 18 pairs, so there are no tricks – you will eventually finish every game if you keep playing.

The challenge is in trying to match all of the tiles without making any mistakes, so if you have seen a tile’s face you had better remember where it is. As a mercy, no tiles will appear in 2 consecutive games – meaning the 18 pairs in your current game will be completely different from the 18 pairs in the previous game.

For your visual pleasure and mental stimulation, several theme colors and tile layouts are provided.

Did you know that playing games like this one can actually improve your recall skills? Help keep your brain sharp and play everyday!

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