Let's Sing! Free

“The most addictive and fun iPhone game I’ve played in a while”—Federico Viticci, MacStories.net

Combine the fun of karaoke or singing in the shower with Name That Tune, and you get Let’s Sing!

You sing a song for your friends—only you can’t use the words! Whistle, hum, or la-la-la your way through the tune for up to 30 seconds, and then send your recording onto your friend. If he or she can guess the song you sang, you both earn coins.

Don’t like your song choices? Use a Shuffle and pick up three more selections. (We’ll give you 100 coins and five Shuffles just for downloading the game!)

On the guessing side, if you can’t figure out whether your friend is singing Michael Jackson or Michael Bolton, you can use in-game Hints: One reveals all the vowels in the song title, and the other tells you the artist famous for the song.

This free version of the game contains occasional ads. The paid version is ad-free.

· Find your friends via e-mail or Facebook, or play with a friend chosen at random

· Push notifications tell you when it’s your turn

· In-game chat lets you congratulate your friends on their rock-star-quality performances

· Earn coins when you guess right, and when the friends you sing for do

· See how long you and your friends can keep your streaks alive!

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